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Tyson Foods, Inc.
Comprehensive Environmental Consulting Services: 20 States

Mr. Greg A. Joyce

EEG has provided professional environmental consulting, inspection and analytical services for Tyson Foods, Inc. for over thirteen years. When given an opportunity to provide Tyson with a simple analytical service in 1992, EEG was able to demonstrate our competitive pricing and efficiency to the nations largest protein product provider. 

Over the next few years, EEG proved that we could handle large projects with the same efficiency and cost effectiveness, thus securing Tyson Foods, Inc. as a highly satisfied client. Whether it would be a simple sampling procedure, a Phase I ESA, or Asbestos Abatement Project Design for a large poultry facility, EEG would insure that all projects were completed in a timely manner while paying attention to even the smallest of details.

Many of the Tyson facilities that were identified as having materials found to contain asbestos or lead were scheduled for design and abatement activities. The basis of the services required EEG to see that the buildings could be safely remodeled or demolished with minimal involvement from the client. It is our company's responsibility to see that the proper project documents are provided to the abatement contractors for evaluating and submitting bids for the removal activities. Once a contractor is selected, EEG is responsible for project management and oversight and industrial hygiene services. Currently, EEG has inspected and reported on Tyson facilities located in 20 different states.

Flexibility combined with high quality work and low cost to the client makes EEG the first choice for Tyson Foods environmental needs. 

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