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Michael E. Cole

Michael E. Cole obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Arkansas. His additional academic studies include groundwater hydrology, mathematics, organic and inorganic chemistry, and polarized light and phase contrast microscopy with emphasis on asbestos identification and fiber counting. Mike is a member of the Arkansas Environmental Federation (AEF) and Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), and certified by the American Council of Accredited Certification (ACAC). In addition to certification, Mike is an ACAC Board Member.

As Laboratory Director, Mike supervises all of EEG's daily laboratory operations relating to asbestos and chemical analyses, field sampling and chemical hygiene. Mike also maintains quality control functions and accreditation functions required by NVLAP, AIHA and state certification programs. Also involved are the laboratory's day-to-day development of special quality control programs and final report review. Employed by EEG since 1990, Mike's analytical experience includes polarized light microscopy, phase contrast microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, air, water and soil quality studies.

In his capacity as Indoor Air Quality Specialist, Mike designs and performs indoor air quality investigations including environmental mold assessments and mold remediation.  As a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association and the Association of Professional Industrial Hygienists, he maintains the industry standards and protocols.  He is also a Certified Microbial Consultant.

Additionally, Mike is an Arkansas registered Lead-Based Paint Inspector and Risk Assessor. He is prepared to assist contractors and homeowners through the changing USEPA lead regulations where both federally funded housing and privately owned housing are impacted.

As Project Manager, Mike plans and supervises project development throughout the project cycle.  He has managed and developed projects covering clients, analytical, environmental, industrial hygiene and compliance permitting needs.

In his capacity as a Geologist, Mike also performs field sampling for soils, groundwater effluent, and storm water. He is familiar with industry protocols for soil and water sampling and has developed sampling plans and collected samples on more than 1,000 projects.

Mr. Cole is listed with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) as outlined by the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission's Regulation 32. This Regulation requires ADEQ maintain a list of environmental professionals who meet the education and experience requirements set forth in federal regulations 40 CFR 312.10 and Regulation 32 32.301(B) Certification Criteria for Phase I Consultants.

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